Arctic Hospitality

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for the package?

I depends on the booking. If you book through - site you will pay directly in the web store or counter for the voucher that you will present when meeting the Guide at the beginning of the adventure.

If You book directly with us via calling, email, etc. you will pay directly to the Guide when we meet before the beginning of the adventure. We accept all major credit cards and cash money.
What happens if I need to cancel the activity?
I am in a wheelchair. Can I participate?

Unfortunately our transportation is not equipped with handicap service and our activity sites do not have the wheelchair access. We kindly recommend to contact one of the bigger companies in Levi area such as Lapland Safaris, etc.
What about my children?

Children are more than welcome to participate on our excursions. All the activities are suitable for children!
What to wear????

Though our car and bus are warm we recommend that you wear more instead of less. The weather conditions in Lapland can vary fast and the outside temperature can change in a heart beat. The day might be sunny and warm and in two hours we might have a snowstorm and cold wind with minus 25 degrees!

We recommend to wear at least three layers of clothes. Also gloves and a warm hat. And if your jacket has a hoodie - great!

It is always easier to leave some of your clothes to the bus while participating instead of feeling cold during the day.

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